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On the eve of 66th Independence Day of our country, MVSR Engineering college celebrated this day with great enthusiasm. 66 years ago our leaders fought for our rights and independence, risking their own lives. Today, our country celebrates this auspicious day by saluting the great leaders who lead their lives for us, singing patriotic songs and also by making everyone aware of unity and diversity.
Independence day was celebrated in MVSR Engineering College with fervor. Chairman of Matrusri foundation MVS Purushotham , Principal Dr.Uday Kumar, Vice Principal Prof. SGS Murthy, HOD’s of various departments, lecturers and students all gathered at library , when Chairman MVS Purushotham hoisted the tricolour flag. After the flag being hoisted, he said that today is the day where we gained independence from the britishers, but still we  need to gain freedom on some issues such as corruption, which is now ruling the country. His words made the crowd think for about a few minutes on the conditions prevailing in our motherland India.Then it was Prof. Bhanu Prasad, HOD of Science and Humanity who took over the stage and gained the attention of everyone by his song on freedom fighters. An inspiring speech was given by Vaishnavi Reddy(CSE), after which everyone dispersed  to participate in various events conducted in college as a part of Freedom Fest-2012. The various events include: Treasure Hunt, Face Painting, Slogan writing, Lectures vs students cricket match,Just a minute and many more.
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   Tue, 11-Feb-2020, 07:49 PMIndependence Day 2012.
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