M V S R Engineering College, since 1981, is making significant contribution towards the excellence in engineering education and has always maintained high standards in imparting technical knowledge to the students. The "M V S R Engineering College Alumni Association (MVSRECAA") is started as early as 1995 and the association is continuing in a somewhat informal manner. The association is formed to provide a forum for the alumni to interact & share the information. College is proud of its alumni who are spread all over the globe and distinguished themselves in various fields of technology and made significant contributions to their organizations. The college is fortunate in having dedicated alumni who are generous in sparing their time and experience in promoting the college. College welcomes the assistance of those alumni willing to share their experiences with students. It has been the tradition of the college to felicitate distinguished alumni on the occasion of Engineer's day i.e., on September 15th, the birth day of Sir Mokshagundam Viswesrayya. Also several alumni delivered guest lectures on various occasions.

Upon graduation from the college, each alumnus shall automatically be a member / life member of the MVSRECAA. Anyone interested in the activities of the alumni association and agrees with objectives of the association is eligible to become Patron / Donor.


The Alumni Association will be a dynamic, member-focused organization, driven by values and directed towards supporting the social, intellectual, and spiritual needs.

The Alumni Association is to connect, inform and serve MVSREC, its diverse alumni through strong leadership, dynamic programs and effective communication.


The Alumni Association will achieve this vision through its mission of

  • Promoting a strong relationship between alumni and the college
  • Promoting a sense of college pride among all graduates
  • Developing an awareness of MVSREC history, accomplishments, programs, and offerings
  • Providing the college with insight into the needs of the communities it serves.


To serve, to advise, to advocate, to strengthen.


  • To provide a forum to establish a link between the alma mater and its alumni.
  • To enable the alumni to participate in activities which contribute to the general development of the institute.
  • To organize and coordinate reunion activities of the alumni
  • To organize seminars / lectures to support & promote the educational objectives of the institute.
  • To collect, publish and distribute such information as may be useful to the alumni and their alma mater.
  • To provide and disseminate information regarding their alma mater, faculties and students to the alumni.
  • To contribute towards the welfare of the alumni
  • To further such other aims decided from time to time.

Association Goals

  • Maintain, update and manage the Alumni Records database and provide access and service to all in the college.
  • Assist the college with the student recruitments, personality development and career selection.
  • Inform alumni about the college and the Association through a comprehensive communication program.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships between the college, alumni, faculty, staff and students.


  • Publishing of monthly alumni news letter
  • Organizing Guest lectures
  • Updating alumni data / profile
  • Felicitating distinguished alumni
  • Organizing reunion meets
  • Providing career guidance and mentorship
  • Facilitating campus visit to the alumni

In order to create and maintain a friendly lasting contact among the alumni of MVSREC, all the alumni are requested to register themselves and help us in updating the database. The alumni are also requested to provide the links of their yahoo groups etc.

Our prominant Alumini Members

S.Gopinath - Scientist-F (RCI)
R.Srivardhan - Scientist-G (DRDL)
Surya Kumar - Vice President (Siera Atlanta)
Gopal Krishna - DGM (BDL)
M.Sreedhar Rao - Additional General Manager & Head R&D(BDL)
B. Manohar-Director, ASIC Design, Hyderabad
Mr G. Seetharam-Sr. Software Consultant, USA.
Mr. Narsing-Senior Consultant, KANBAY International Ltd.
M.Bala Murali Krishna-Lead Design Engineer , Connexant
Guruvayurappan-Sr. Design Engineer, Qualcomm.
Santosh kandi-Sr. Engineer, TEXAS Instrument, USA.
Mr. Sushanth-Software Engineer, Infosys, Hyd.
S. Vamsi-Design Engineer, Micron Technology, Boise;Idahostatt, USA.
Srinavasa Rao-Design Engineer, Micro Systems.
Venkateswarlu Bulusu-Sr. Analyst, Chiseler Inc.
N.Harshvardhan Reddy-Design Engineer, Intel.
Vishal - (CapGemini)
Chandu - (MicroSoft)
Sandeep - (CSC)

Good things need not wait, so please register and also tell your friends to register.

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