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Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC) has been set up in the college with the objective of exploring and identifying common avenues of interaction with industry. The responsibilities are to coordinate with Heads of the Department for the following industry related interaction

  • Workshops, Conferences involving industry personnel
  • Industrial training/Visits for faculty and students
  • Involve industry personnel in research activities of faculty
  • Identify possible consultancy projects from industry
  • Guest lectures/ seminar to be delivered by industry experts
  • Involve experts from industry in the development / review of the curriculum
  • Identify avenues for students internships/projects in industry
  • Identify technical problems faced by the industry
  • Train industry personnel in fundamental concepts/specialized areas.



Dr.B.Sandhya, Assoc Prof, CSE                  Chief Coordinator          

Mr.Narendar Goud, Asst.Prof, CE              Coordinator, Dept. of CE

Mr.V.Sridhar, Asst Prof, CSE                     Coordinator, Dept. of CSE

Mr.G.Mahendar, Asst. Prof, ECE               Coordinator, Dept. of ECE

Mr.M.Raveendra Reddy, Asst. Prof, EEE    Coordinator, Dept. of EEE

Mr.S.Ch.Vijaya Bhaskar, Asst.Prof, IT       Coordinator, Dept. of IT

Mr.B.Ravi Kumar, Asst.Prof, ME               Coordinator, Dept. of ME

            Mr.T. Murali Mohan Raju, Asst. Prof, AE   Coordinator, Dept. of AE

            Mrs. G. Bharathi, Asst. Prof., MBA           Coordinator, Dept. of MBA

            Dr. G. Laxmi Kameshwari, Asst. Prof., S&H  Coordinator. Dept. of S&H

            Mrs. K.Manjula, Asst. Prof, S&H              Coordinator, Dept. of S&H

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